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​5 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

Thursday, August 17, 2017
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While we all enjoy living in a clean, beautiful home and work hard to keep it that way, even some of the tidiest homes are susceptible to unwelcome germs. Below are the best five tips to keep your home healthy and germ-free!
Tip#1: Keep your kitchen spotless
Most of the germs in your household are found in your kitchen. Whether they’re in the sink, on the countertops, or on your cutting boards, kitchens harbor hundreds of thousands of harmful bacteria. After you cook a meal, make sure that you scrub down your countertops with disinfecting wipes or use a sponge with soap and water. When you’ve finished, put your sponge in the dishwasher and clean that too!
Tip #2: Wash your wet laundry immediately
Wet laundry is a hotspot for germs, especially if it’s kept inside of your dirty hamper. Moisture and darkness serve as a breeding ground for bacteria and the longer that they sit there, the worse it is for your laundry. Wash your wet laundry as soon as your take it off and make sure it gets washed in hot water. Transfer the clothing to the dryer as soon as the washing cycle is finished.
Tip #3: Be mindful of your toothbrush
Our mouths are home to over 100 million microbes and they eat the same things we do. So, when you brush your teeth, particles of food and bacteria stick to your toothbrush and if not kept in the right conditions, could foster more germs. In order to avoid bacteria on your toothbrush, leave it standing up in a cup to air dry. Avoid putting it on your bathroom counter where it can contract other germs or inside a travel case where the moisture couldmake things worse.
Tip #4: Your bathroom should a clean haven
Your bathroom is a place dedicated to providing hygiene, and as such, should be very hygienic itself. Every time you take a shower, you wash off bacteria and viruses from your body, but unfortunately they linger in your bathtub. Disinfect your bathtub or shower once a week with an anti-bacterial cleanser.
Tip #5: Leave your shoes by the door
Last but not least, consider taking off your shoes before you enter your home as your shoes can carry loads of dirt, bacteria and more on the soles. Your shoes track everything you walk in outside to the inside of your home, which can trigger allergies. The simplest solution is to have a doormat, wipe your shoes as you enter, and leave them by the door.
Thank you for reading my article and be sure to contact me, Danny Hertzberg, of The Jills, for all of your South Florida real estate needs.
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