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3 Fun Activities for Kids on Miami Beach

Friday, August 4, 2017
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Activity #1: Visit Jungle Island- This interactive zoological park is a dream-come-true for animal lovers of all ages. Whether you’re taking your children, nieces and nephews, or your grandkids, you too will be amazed at the sheer number and variety of exotic animals on the island. The Jungle Theater, an arena that hosts several shows, is a real spectacle, presenting birds of all shapes and sizes, tigers and other big cats, and incredibly intelligent primates.
Other exhibits include the Posing Area where you can take photographs with colorful parrots, Manu Encounter which showcases squirrel monkeys and free-flying macaws, the Orangutan School where you will witness the incredible smarts of these loving primates, Kangaroo Konnection which gives you the ability to interact with cute kangaroos, and finally the Petting Barn where you can get up close and personal with farm animals.
Jungle Island educates people about endangered animals, lets people see them in their element, and gives them the opportunity to interact with many of the wondrous creatures that call the island home!
Activity #2: Go to the beach- This often overlooked activity is not only free of charge, but also great fun! Children enjoy going to the beach just as much, if not more, than adults do, making it a perfect activity that everyone will enjoy.
Whether you build sand castles together, frolic in the ocean waves, go for a stroll along the beach, or take a nap under an umbrella, there are a variety of things to do that will keep the whole family busy for hours. The best part of going to the beach is being able to relax, take in some vitamin D, and stay for as long or as little as you’d like, just remember to stay hydrated!
Activity #3:Rent a kayak or a paddleboard- Another activity that is relatively unique to Miami Beach is kayaking. Rent a kayak in the bustling Sunset Harbour neighborhood and go out for a ride on Biscayne Bay. This is an excellent activity for children as it’s fun, healthy, and easy for kids to engage in with adults. Kids will be very entertained as they paddle though the beautiful homes and lush mangroves in the surrounding islands and will be working up a sweat in the meantime.
In the same place you rent a kayak, you could also opt for a paddleboard. This is a little more strenuous of a workout, but great fun for older kids and adults. I love the sport and do it right off of Sunset Harbour. It’s a great place to paddleboarding as the bay is usually pretty calm and if you’re lucky, you might even see a dolphin or two!
Thank you for reading my article and be sure to contact me, Danny Hertzberg, of The Jills for all of your South Florida real estate buying, renting and selling needs.
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