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The Great Events to Celebrate the Miami Beach Centennial

Friday, December 05, 2014

2015 will be a milestone year for the city of Miami Beach, as it is the city's 100th birthday. This Art Deco city has endured economic depressions and natural disasters, so this coming year is one to reflect on and celebrate Miami Beach.

Originally this group of islands where bought by a father and son team named Henry and Charles Lum in 1870 for 25 cents an acre and was intended to help shipwreck victims. They constructed the first building in this area, called the Biscayne House of Refuge and it was located on 72nd Street. Then, a decade later, two industrialists from New Jersey attempted and failed to start a coconut plantation, but a partner in this, John S. Collins was able to diversify the crops with mangos and avocados in the early 1900s.

Miami Beach has come quite a long way from its early days and continues to grow as a center for people from all over the world to enjoy. As its 100th year arrives, there are many events on the beach to help celebrate this historically fun and cultured area.

One signature Miami Beach event is Art Basel, officially starting December 4-7, as the most important art show in the United States and a cultural and social highlight for the Americas. Art Basel is a mixture of an international selection of top galleries with a dynamic exhibitions, parties and events that include music, film, architecture and design. Art Basel celebrates art in every form.

This is a featured event of the Miami Beach Centennial Celebration, the anniversary is officially on March 26, 2015. Throughout the year, there will be signature events that will honor and play tribute to Miami Beach.

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