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South Florida is Easiest Place to Live

Monday, March 02, 2015
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South Florida’s worldwide popularity is no secret: millions come from all over the globe flock here just to pay a visit to this vibrant place. With such widespread appeal, and everything from year-round sunshine to paradise beaches, is it any surprise that South Florida is considered one of the easiest places in the nation to live?

That’s according to none other than New York Times, which rated the nation’s 3,135 countries based on several criteria, including household income, unemployment rate, life expectancy, and level of education.

Based on the aggregate of all these metrics, South Florida came ahead as one of America’s easiest places to live. Miami-Dade, along with its northern neighbors Broward and Palm Beach, ranked in the upper tier.

Taken together, the interconnected region emerges as one of the most desirable places to live, especially economically and in terms of health.

This is little surprise given that South Florida is one of the leading economic and commercial centers of the southeastern United States, if not the whole Western Hemisphere. The high concentration of banks, corporate headquarters, and consulates testify to the region’s booming economy.

But there is plenty of pleasure to go with that business: aside from the aforementioned tropical climate and pristine beaches – either of which on their own would be desirable enough – there is a seemingly endless selection of restaurants, shops, lounges, art galleries, parks, and other leisure attractions to enjoy.

There is something for everyone in this cosmopolitan area, especially Miami Beach Listings. With a vast selection of luxurious, amenities-rich Miami Beach Waterfront Homes, you are guaranteed to enjoy the best that this world-class locale has to offer, especially with award-winning Danny Hertzberg by your side.

To see for yourself what South Florida has to offer, contact Danny at 305-505-1950.

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